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Welcome to the Consulting Dept.

Helps multi-passionate GenX women create passive income using social media. Specialized in working with salon professionals and salon owners.

Our team are expert listeners, visionaries and strategists! We are dedicated to helping you expand & execute your vision. 

We are corporately trained to refine your customer journey, specify your niche, determine your target market, and develop marketing strategies so you can do more of what you love in & out of your business.

We put an emphasis on knowing your numbers & desired needs. We evaluate your social media accounts, systems, actions, plans and goals then we create strategies to maximize your efforts, give you results and honor your priorities.

The Earl Experience begins with brainstorming business strategies; including income streams, paid vs. organic marketing, social media presence, launch planning, customer retention & relations, and defining your personal goals, values & beliefs.

Our Social Media Management and
Creation Team consists of photographers, editors and designers. They understand what your audience wants, what will make them stay and how to get them asking for more!  We've grown IG accounts to over 90k+, 10k+. on tiktok, driving hundreds of thousands of Pinterest visitors to websites and email lists.

Ultimately, you learn why, when & how to delegate duties, reach out for guidance, plan ahead and use automation & workflows for your social media.We want you to make more money, work fewer hours with more joy and balance.Giving you back time & energy to live more life.

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Business Consulting for Salon Professionals

Your business, is our business.

Our goal is to help you reduce the overwhelm associated with your growing business.
We want you to save your creative flow for your clients.

I've been a licensed Cosmetologist for 20+ years, I left the salon over a decade ago…so, I understand the overwhelm associated with being the boss, aka: the owner, the operator, the receptionist, the marketing manager, content creator, social media manager, banker, etc. 

And that's why I created

The Earl Experience, it is the method behind the madness to.provide guidance, behind the scene support and connections to trusted vendors and agencies.

The Earl Experience: 

This customized method will give you:  

fficiency in your habits and actions, with systems and automated workflows
ccess to the tools, knowledge, influencers, experts and educators to help your specific situation
eal Life approach to overcoming obstacles. mindset & customer issues
ife! Not just living for time away from behind the chair, but enjoying yourself in all areas of your life!

This is perfect for multi-passionate, salon professionals and salon owners. You will refine your customer journey, specify your niche, determine your target market, increase social media engagement and develop marketing strategies so you can focus on what you love, in & out of your business.

Our team are expert listeners, visionaries and strategists! We help you execute & expand your vision by Brainstorming business strategies (including income streams, marketing, social media presence, launch planning, customer retention & relations) and personal goals with you.

We evaluate your social media accounts, systems, actions and plans then help you create strategies to maximize your efforts, give you results and honor your priorities.

Ultimately, you learn to reach out for guidance, delegate duties, plan ahead and use automations so you make you more money, working fewer hours. Giving you time to live more life, looking & feeling your best with a work & fun balance so you can live a great life.

Our consultants focus on excellent customer service & customer retention, increased profits, as well as social media & email marketing. This is our jam! We've been through it all and we love to turn your chaotic situation into calm! 

Let's get you started...

Personally Created Content Calendar

Get on a discovery call today and let's discuss exclusively the content ideas needed for your business growth and development. With enough details about your business and business niche, we create a personalized content calendar on what works best for your business.

We make known to you how to take your business to the next level by combing through the world's renown social media platforms for the best content ideas that works just fine for your business.

Grab the Content IDEA list
Let's Connect
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Brainstorming Boss

We are here to calm the storm that is brewing in your brain...

It's lonely at the top, being a solo-entrepreneur, can be the loneliest job of them all. You really have no one that understands or you fully trust, but you need to bounce the ideas, frustrations, and scenarios  to someone that truly understands how to catch!

We are able to handle many different levels of chaos.

1. Is your mind overflowing with ideas to start or pivot your business
2. Are you're overwhelmed with how to handle a situation,
3. Do you have a big promotion, launch, pitch or proposal ( or want to have one),
4. You're not sure how to handle a cranky customer.
5. Feeling torn, confused and ready to give up.

The best thing you can do is to connect with one of our experts who are prepared to talk you off the ledge and back into your sane self!
We are here to listen, understand. your vision and give you a clear plan with your next steps.

Social Media Audit

Let's take a look at your social media accounts. We will review, then give you recommended tips & tricks to optimize your accounts.

If you don't have your social set up, we can do it for you. Social Media Platform set up, support, engagement, and editing. We will determine which 4-5 platforms will be most effective at promoting your business/services, we set up your business accounts, target accounts and connect accounts to allow multi-purpose posts. 
Salon professionals need to be on Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Facebook & Youtube...we can discuss the other platforms.

Plus we Create a custom list of examples, industry specific ideas & a targeted #hashtag campaign to increase social media engagement and convert them to buyers not just followers

I want you to Audit my social

Learn how to use Tiktok

You learn how to get your Tiktok account set up and teach you how to use it, for fun and your business. You will learn to create an engaging, supportive audience, have some fun and possibly earn passive income using your social media platforms.
People want to be entertained as well as educated, but their attention spans are short…Tiktok is the place to capture an audience that connects and converts! Sign up for the wait list, Date: tbd

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Affiliate Marketing Setup 

We will help you set up your affiliate connections and teach you how to use these connections for passive income on your social media platforms and blog.

Our studies have shown a clickable link, referral or recommendation increases connections, conversions and closings.

Contact us today to have full access to our affiliate marketing tips that guarantees you more than enough passive income.

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